Creative Car Detailing



Headlight Restorations

See clearly, drive safely 

Clouded, faded and yellowed lenses offer poor night time driving visibility by not letting the full amount of light shine through the lens, putting you, your family and other road users in danger. At Creative Car Detailing we can restore your old and faded headlights to an almost brand new finish within a couple of hours, saving you thousands of rands on replacing them.

People might tell you that buffing the faded lights with 'toothpaste' works, but it's not that simple. We use a refined 5 step process to restore the lenses back to it's original condition. Our in-house designed UV protection formula gets applied after the restoration and offers a minimum of 12 month protection against future degradation and we guarantee that to our clients.

Oh and did we mention, we can also restore your stonechipped headlights ? Take a look at the Mercedes Benz C63 Headlights in the pictures below !